I went on yet another typewriter safari yesterday. This time I did not buy anything. I saw a few typewriters but none that I just had to have. I did want to buy some of the vintage TV sets though.


Very rusty and frozen Royal 10. This was $50. Overpriced. Some things here are expensive and others are steals.


IBM Selectric III


Late model wedges on the table with the IBM.


Royal 440 with cover.

That was as far as the typewriters went. However there were plenty of old TV sets, radios and adding machines.


IMG_1059.JPGIMG_1054 (1).JPGIMG_1058.JPG

Now for some other things. The New Century Caligraph is being restored. Thats coming along well, although a little slow. Herman’s is coming up soon so stay tuned as machines will come up for sale.


11 thoughts on “Safari!

  1. I will be at Herman’s. This Royal is so tempting, but the carriage’s missing ball bearings are a deal breaker. I just read through the thread at Typewriter Talk about the difficulty removing and replacing the carriage on a Royal 10. It would be even more difficult with missing pieces.


  2. Then let’s do it! Send your email address to me (maryech at gmail dot com) and I’ll PayPal you the $$. Don’t make a special trip for it – get it when convenient for you.


  3. I think the Selectric and Royal 440 may have followed me home as well as an old radio or two. I always feel sorry for old analog TVs when I see them. Absolutely useless since digital hit the airwaves.


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