Typewriter Update

I have not been posting here lately as I have been sick for the past few weeks. Now though I am feeling  well again, it’s time for a typewriter update.

First off the decals for the Remington 12 have arrived and they look great



Although they have some size  issues the show what the typewriter looked like when it was new.

Next up is the two recent acquisitions, a 1979 Montgomery Wards (Brother JP-5) Escort 550 that was rescued from the depths of despair that is the goodwill outlet in working order, just needing a new ribbon.

IMG_0158.JPGand this


The 1961 Olympia SG1

It is massive in every way, but has that precise feel of German engineering. It is interesting in the fact that it is not the “Super DeLuxe” version that usually comes up and it has a small carriage. The touch is amazing on it but is does need some work as some things aren’t working  such as the tabulator brake, which is frozen rendering the tab system inoperative. It’s also missing the very fragile paper support. Although it does have a name:

The Beast

It’s very fitting





Typewriter Update