Over the mountains and through the hills to Herman’s we will go

Its that time of year again. For the annual gathering of like minded typewriter enthusiasts and collectors known as Herman’s

In preparation for this years trip I have been doing some more repairs for the local antique shop. Machines included a Royal Empress, Underwood 5, a very snappy Woodstock and a few others. One of the machines I was supposed to fix was a early Royal KMM with round shift keys. Turns out though it has at least 2 cracks in the frame. I traded my Royal HH for this machine. I am debating on whether or not to fix it.

Some machines are leaving the collection.

  1. 1925 Royal 10
  2. 1934 Lc Smith 8 w/large typeface
  3. 1928 Underwood 5
  4. Smith Premier 2 parts machine
  5. Smith Premier 10 parts machine
  6. 1942 Royal KMM from WWII
  7. 1927 Remington Portable #2

I could not come home from hermans empty-handed. I am going to be getting some new machines for the collection. These include

  1. 1887 Caligraph 2
  2. 1897 Smith Premier 2
  3. 1910s Corona 3
  4. LC Smith Silent
  5. Royal 10 ( in nice shape for once)
  6. Densmore case

Green LC Smith shipping casualty,  going to repair it with my parts stash.

I plan to be there around 12 on Friday. I am going to load up the land yacht the night before and head southward in the morning. See all of you soon.

Over the mountains and through the hills to Herman’s we will go