The Electromatic gets a new paintjob


While happy with the IBM Electromatic after I got it running, there was just something that it missed. Then it dawned on me. The 1930s Streamline design was altered by the later grey paint and the incorrect grey platen knobs. The paint was dingy and chipped anyway so I decided a sprucing up was in order. So I did what any reasonable person would not do and I took it apart. I removed all removable panels and removed the carriage.  Then I went and masked off any parts that I did not want to paint and painted the main body of the machine. The result? I find it looking much better. The only thing is it still has the ugly gray platen knobs and 3 feet. I have sourced a set of feet and the knobs of of a parts machine along with the data plates from the side that are missing. Probably removed to “update” the machine. In the 1950s black paint and chrome were “old-fashioned looking” Grey or pastel colors and plastic, lots of plastic was the trend. I also plan to see about having the “International” and “Electromatic” decals made.

Here it is now.


In other news a parts Densmore 2 has arrived. A 1914 Remington 10 was given to me by my great-uncle. The parts I need are now here for the early no 2. The no 10 will clean up well although slowly as at some point it was coated in shellac that has removed all the shine from the paintwork.

The Electromatic gets a new paintjob

2 thoughts on “The Electromatic gets a new paintjob

  1. Tyler A. says:

    I had a Remington 10 once. Great office machine, but with the hard platen it had it gave that well known and hollow sort of “thwack” which was loud enough to make me not want to use it. They feel nice to type on regardless. Make sure to show us yours once its all spiffed up


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