Densmore Reassembly

I have gotten the frame back from the blaster.


I then painted the frame with several coats of primer and then painted it with a gloss lacquer.


I then reassembled some of the typewriter. Some of the nickeled parts I swapped with the Densmore no 2 that I have. The nickel on that machine was better then the nickel on this one.


I also derusted the carriage parts with Evaporust. They look better but not as good as having new nickel. A fellow collector should be doing it for me.


Densmore Reassembly

A clean typewriter is a happy one.

Here are some photos on the progress on the Densmore.


Here is the frame stripped of all parts ready for blasting.


Here are some parts being painted. In my basement all 38 keylevers and all 38 typebars are laid out on towels on the floor waiting for the frame to be finished. It has not yet been blasted but I hope to get it done soon.

A clean typewriter is a happy one.