Densmore update and other things.

I have gotten the Densmore finished from a mechanical standpoint.

IMG_0836 (1).JPG

Its back together now and works well (after fiddling with the escapement)

Cosmetically there is some stuff left to be done. The main thing is decals although I am going to wait till the spring to do that as there is a spot on the back of the paper table where the black paint got messed up when drying. I also want to have the nickel plating redone at some point as well.


Remember this? This is the Densmore 2 I bought as a parts machine for the no 1. Turns out its pretty significant in its own right. The serial number is 1287. This is the 3rd oldest Densmore no 2 around and it most likely dates to 1892, the first year of production for the no 2. The shift key is also black. No other Densmore has a black shift key. I did take a few parts off of it were missing on the other one to complete it but other then that it is in rough but restorable condition. I was lucky enough to find a Densmore 1 through a few other collectors in rough shape with a carriage. It is a late model with the late carriage rail. I plan to make new rollers for the carriage. It will also provide the missing typeslug that this machine will need.


The Smith Premier 5 cleaned up well and works fine for the most part. Its the rarest machine in the collection, Oddly though is not the most valuable. that would more then likely be the Densmore 1.


I have not really done anything with the New Century. I am mostly waiting for the spring/summer so I can restore it. Full teardown and cleaning with a repaint likely.


The Smith Premier no 10 cleaned up well, just being really dusty. however it refused to type. it turned out that the pins the u bar pivots on were bent. I took them out of the parts sp10. Then it worked but it felt very sluggish. I ended up having to cut a new hole in the mainspring to allow it to tension up.

Some machines went to new owners at Herman’s

I was able to send some parts from the parts SP2 to some fellow collectors.

There are soon to be some new acquisitions in the collection. my friend Ian Brumfield has been busy dragging rare Royal electric standards out of what has been called “The Hoard” In that house full of typewriters there is a LC Smith 5 missing a carriage that I will be getting for parts for mine as mine has a crack in the carriage support. I also saw a LC Smith Silent standard in one of the photos and plan to get that too.

However the big thing that I am working towards getting is something that I have wanted for awhile. Its old and has a unusual type mechanism.

Densmore update and other things.