Where did I go?

Hello again.

I kind of forgot about this blog after last October. Its now been over a year since my last post. I plan to fix that in the coming weeks. Since that last post I have gone to Herman’s 2018 and Herman’s 2019 Summer and Fall events and acquired many machines.

On to that burning question about the mystery machine that I left on a cliffhanger.

That was a 1925 Remington Electric. Very rare only 11 known to exist (currently).

Since then I have acquired many more machines. These include

  • Smith Premier No 1
  • Smith Premier No 3
  • Smith Premier No 4
  • Smith Premier No 10 (yes another one)
  • Fox 3
  • Fox 4
  • Fox 25
  • Hammond 2
  • Remington Standard 2
  • Oliver 3 (x2)
  • Bar-Lock 6
  • Victor 2
  • Densmore 4

However, when I buy all these new machines sometimes machines have to leave the collection to make room for and to finance the new arrivals.

  • Smith Premier No 5
  • LC Smith 5
  • 1926 Remington 12
  • LC Smith Super Speed
  • Royal KHM

I also have a new website devoted entirely to the Densmore Typewriter

Densmore Typewriter Co


That’s all for now.


Where did I go?