Gigantor Update




Carriage and top deck have been restored. The main frame and keylevers have not been done yet.

If anyone out there has a LC Smith parts machine with a 18 inch carriage please let me know, I am in need of the large rack gear underneath the carriage.

Gigantor Update

Crazy Eights

Today I went on a trip to buy a Royal KMM, which has a little surprise


It’s a teaching typewriter!

The keys are all blank as the intent is to force the user to touch type instead of looking at the keyboard. I also snagged a not so little friend.


Behold Gigantor!

You cannot tell from the photo but this LC Smith 8 (yes I know I just bought one) has an 18 inch carriage. Hence the name Gigantor. The main use I will have for it is to type two letters at the same time! Another name that would fit it very well would be rust bucket. It’s very rusty, so to fix this it is getting a full restoration.

Crazy Eights

Yet Another LC Smith 8

Just when I got done with cleaning the LC Smith 8 I picked up a while ago.


I bought another one…


A 1934 LC Smith 8

This one is a bit different then the other one that I have. Can you spot the differences.

Still Stumped? Here they are

1: 11 Inch carriage, 2: Changed front frame, 3: Left hand return lever, 4: Shift lock moved,

5: Backspace moved, 6: Ribbon bichrome moved.

Wonder where I got that typewriter eraser sitting beside it? I found it inside the typewriter!

I also got new shelves for the collection.


Stay tuned for more, including a KMM I am picking up tomorrow (and possibly another LC Smith 8).

Yet Another LC Smith 8