1956 General Electric Portable Television

I have many hobbies. One of these is vintage vacuum tube based electronics. Last weekend I completed the restoration of this television.


It is a General Electric model 14T009. Originally it was red and white but the top was very rusty so I repainted it over the weekend to the turquoise you see here. I restored the electronics inside last year. Restoration of the electronics involved replacing all the old paper and electrolytic capacitors plus a surprisingly large amount of  bad tubes. Whenever you see a unrestored piece of electronics from the mid 60s or earlier 95% of all problems are caused by bad capacitors (starting in the mid 60s they started to transition to polypropylene film capacitors which rarely go bad like the paper ones). Once restored old TV’s are pretty reliable. Its a lot of fun to watch old TV shows on a old TV!

1956 General Electric Portable Television

3 thoughts on “1956 General Electric Portable Television

  1. Bill M says:

    That’s a neat little TV. I grew up and learned on tube gear. Tubes are still better for some things than solid state electronics.


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