Frankenstein’s Typewriter

Remember the 1934 L.C Smith 8 i purchased about a year ago?


I have a 1938 L.C Smith super speed saved from a keychopper scrap pile with a 5 pitch typeface. I decided to take the typebasket from the super speed and put it on the model 8. I took the top deck off both machines, then removed both typebaskets as well as the starwheel from the super speed. I then put the super speed starwheel, typebasket and backspace stop on the model 8. This worked except for one problem. The 4 typed the d and the d typed the 4! This is because on the super speed levers are bent a different way to accommodate the spacebar. I then took out both the 4 and d typears and swapped them around to fix this problem. I now have a fully functional 6-pitch typewriter. Its sure to make a big impression.

Frankenstein’s Typewriter

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