Remington 7: part 2

The Remington 7 is complete.


It is back to operational status after a quick two day cleaning.

I have decided to put a up a photo of a machine that I got at Hermans but have not said anything about.

My 1897 Smith Premier 2


I have neglected to post anything on it as I am. waiting on the arrival of some parts for it as the carriage frame is cracked in half. I have glued the current carriage frame but it is warped and because of that the carriage will not work properly.



Remington 7: part 2

Mystery Part Identity

Remember the part from yesterday


What it is is the pinion gear and starwheel from the 1907 Remington 7.

I am in the process of restoring this machine like it deserves as it needs the 109 years of crud removed. It’s quite a job.


As you can see the typebar hoop has been polished along with the typebars. There is new felt in the hoop as well.

Mystery Part Identity

Remington Vertical Adder Model – 21

This is one of the typewriters I bought at Herman’s this year.¬†The 1920s Remington Vertical Adder Model – 21.


I have purchased it from Connor Brumfield. When I bought it the adding function did not work, so I brought it out to the back porch repair session at Herman’s. Where me and a few others tried in vain to get the adding mechanism working to no avail.


When I got back I managed to get it mostly working but the 6 keys still is frozen. It will also have to have the feed rollers redone at some point.


Remington Vertical Adder Model – 21