Remington Vertical Adder Model – 21

This is one of the typewriters I bought at Herman’s this year.¬†The 1920s Remington Vertical Adder Model – 21.


I have purchased it from Connor Brumfield. When I bought it the adding function did not work, so I brought it out to the back porch repair session at Herman’s. Where me and a few others tried in vain to get the adding mechanism working to no avail.


When I got back I managed to get it mostly working but the 6 keys still is frozen. It will also have to have the feed rollers redone at some point.


Remington Vertical Adder Model – 21

A Tale Of Two Royals

Recently I have acquired some more typewriters. Here are a few of them.HO9A1002.png

1938 Royal KHM #2178944

This typewriter was purchased from a antique store for $30 haggled down from $85.


1952 Royal KMM #4820305

This typewriter was given to me by my Grandfather after he found it in a apartment he was cleaning. As you can see by the photo it has been rebuilt at some point in time (plastic keys).

As I was away on International Typewriter Day I did not get to post anything typewriter related then, so as a consolation please enjoy these pictures of my 1918 Underwood 5 that I got from Ian Brumfield in a trade at the 8th Annual Typewriter Gathering in Morgantown, WV, U.S.A.





A Tale Of Two Royals