L.C. Smith 5

Remember this?


Well I finally got it.  According to the TWDB serial number database it is a 1912 machine and a early one at that. However it was disappointing to see a large chunk taken out of the platen. So for the first time ever I sent the platen out to be recovered. While it was away I borrowed the platen from my 1930 #8 to test it.


Here it is cleaned up a bit along with the new platen. It types well with the new platen. It, unlike all the other LC Smiths does not need at least 2 sheets of paper.

I also have been working on another non-typewriter project recently. It will get its own post when its finished.

L.C. Smith 5

In For Repair

I have been contacted by a local shop to repair some of their typewriters.

Up first is this 1936 Royal O SN#526027


It needed a few repairs, namely a busted drawband and a disconnected ribbon vibrator.

1947 Smith-Corona Sterling SN# 4A227733


This one also needed repairs. Backspace pawl jammed up above backspace stop.

The final one in the trio 1926 Underwood 5 SN# 2135205-5


The Underwood needed a repair I have never seen before. Paper would not feed. So I check the feed rollers. They are fine. I am sitting here stumped when I realize that the paper table is bent inwards towards the platen thus preventing the paper from feeding into the platen.

In For Repair



This 1938 Super-Speed was a eBay purchase. I have wanted one of these for awhile now so when this one showed up for a good price I took a chance on it. It arrived undamaged and packed well.


I am a big fan of the LC Smith typewriters and this one is no exception. They all have a very light touch and make excellent typewriters. It is missing the ribbon spool covers though.   I am looking for a set. If you have any let me know.




Thank You

“Thank You”

Thank you for the past 8 years.

Eight years of equality and justice.

Eight years of progress and reform.

We now have more people with healthcare

then 8 years ago.

We now have marriage equality for all.

For this I thank you.

Thank You, Obama.

Thank You

A royal Royal

Last week I ventured out to Alliance, OH to purchase this typewriter.IMG_0328.JPG

A 1933 Royal 10 with decimal tabulator. This is the third incarnation with segment shift. It was missing one of the windows when I got is so my other royal 10 became a donor for now.


I have also been cleaning up this Underwood 5 from 1915 for a local shop.

Here are two new typewriters that have not arrived yet.


A family Friend said they had a old typewriter they wold like to give me. It is this LC Smith no 5. I do not know when I will receive it (they live far away). but next time they are in town they will bring it by.

I have also purchased one of my wish list typewriters. A LC Smith Super-Speed. Readers that have visited The Typewriter Database may know that I already own a super speed with a 5cpi typeface that was rescued from the keychopper scrap heap. As that one is a large typeface machine and is missing they keys (always looking for a parts machine). I have wanted a standard typeface one for a long time. It should arrive sometime this week.

A royal Royal

Remington 7: part 2

The Remington 7 is complete.


It is back to operational status after a quick two day cleaning.

I have decided to put a up a photo of a machine that I got at Hermans but have not said anything about.

My 1897 Smith Premier 2


I have neglected to post anything on it as I am. waiting on the arrival of some parts for it as the carriage frame is cracked in half. I have glued the current carriage frame but it is warped and because of that the carriage will not work properly.



Remington 7: part 2