Densmore Disassembly part 1

I bought a Densmore 1 at Herman’s from Greg Fudacz.


This typewriter came to me in a nonfunctional state with several frozen parts. I tried to get it working at Herman’s to no avail. When I got back I got to work getting it working. I had to take the entire escapement off of a parts machine to replace the one it came with. The part had been frozen for so long in such a way that a spring had become weak that did not allow it to function properly. Anyway I was able to get the machine to work somewhat. After playing with it for awhile I decided to take it apart and begin restoring it. Thus I present the:

Densmore Disassembly guide. Part 1


The first thing you want to do is remove this screw and the corresponding one on the other side of the typewriter. (screw is removed in photo) This holds on the rear key comb.


Once that is removed we can start removing the springs from the back panel.


All of these must come off of this part. I was able to pop them off with a screwdriver. Once that was done remover the back panel with its 6 screws and set it aside. Place the screws in a baggie or screw them back onto the frame.


I took a good photo of the keyboard for reference. You need to know how to put it back together. They key are indeed whiter in this photo then in the photo at the top of this page. I used a magic eraser to whiten them. The ;/: key is missing though on my machine. I will replace it later.


Once all the springs and the back panel are off it should look like this.


Here we have one of the keylevers taken out of the machine masked off for painting. To remove a keylever from the machine unhook the typebar hanger from the keylever with a small screwdriver. They are held on with clasps that can be popped off. then take the back of the lever from the long rod in the back of the machine. You should then be able to lift the lever out of the machine from the bottom pulling forward and out, making sure to clear the universal bar. Repeat for all letter keys and the shift key. The shift key has a linkage riveted to it. You unhook the shift spring and take the linkage off of the carriage rail. IMG_0711

In with the keys is the space bar. It has nothing attached to it but you may have to fiddle with it to get it out. (the actual wood space bar is removed in the photo).


The machine should look like this at this point.


Unscrew the screw holding this pin in on the side of the machine. (the screw goes in the small hole above the ribbon crank) Take a screwdriver and tap it out if need be. Repeat for the other side. IMG_0714

Wind down the mainspring. Remove this screw to allow the rear carriage rail to be removed. Pull it off to the side where you removed the screw. The carriage frame that is mounted to it will then lift off. You may have to press down on the U bar to let it clear the escapement. Disconnect the drawband.


The machine should look like this at this point.


Remove the 2 plates on the top of the machine. Again make sure to put the screws somewhere where they will not get lost.IMG_0718

Take off the bell/mainspring assembly. There is a screw on the frame near the mainspring wind down ratchet that allows it to pull right off. Make sure to disconnect the small chain from the assembly. It attaches to the ribbon oscillator.IMG_0719

The machine without it on.


After all the steps have been followed this should be the result. More in the next installment. The Crown Prince Of Corrosion is on its way to becoming new again.

Densmore Disassembly part 1

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