One week to go: Herman’s Update.

Its officially one week away from Herman’s. That means I am making the final preparations  typewriter wise. The final list of machines leaving the collection is below.

  1. 1930 LC Smith 8
  2. 1961 Olympia SG1
  3. 1979 Montgomery Wards Escort 550
  4. 1897 Remington Standard No. 6
  5. 1933 Royal 10
  6. 1939 Mercedes Prima

The following machines are coming back with me.

  1. 1894 Densmore 1
  2. 189x Densmore 2 (parts machine)
  3. 1903 New Century Caligraph no. 5
  4. 1905 Smith Premier No. 5
  5. Smith Premier No. 10
  6. Remington Smith Premier No. 10
  7. Corona 3
  8. Smith Premier 2 (parts machine, may only take what I need)
  9. Remington 10 (possibly)



New Century Caligraph No. 5.

I have also ordered some wide ribbons for the SP2, SP5, Densmore 1, Remington 7. They arrived today. I will be taking the wide ribbon along as well.

Lastly I have a message for Richard Polt


There will be 2 categories in the typing contest at Herman’s. Modern machines and antiques. I will be in the antique category. I will be using either the SP5, Caligraph 5 or Densmore 1.

One week to go: Herman’s Update.

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