Yet Another LC Smith 8

Just when I got done with cleaning the LC Smith 8 I picked up a while ago.


I bought another one…


A 1934 LC Smith 8

This one is a bit different then the other one that I have. Can you spot the differences.

Still Stumped? Here they are

1: 11 Inch carriage, 2: Changed front frame, 3: Left hand return lever, 4: Shift lock moved,

5: Backspace moved, 6: Ribbon bichrome moved.

Wonder where I got that typewriter eraser sitting beside it? I found it inside the typewriter!

I also got new shelves for the collection.


Stay tuned for more, including a KMM I am picking up tomorrow (and possibly another LC Smith 8).

Yet Another LC Smith 8

2 thoughts on “Yet Another LC Smith 8

  1. I love those old LC Smith standards. They are so frisky. I am taking a 1922 LC Smith 8 apart and just today got two very stubborn carriage screws out – a major accomplishment.


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