Who Wants to build a Typewriter?

I have been very busy recently with a project



This is a 1928 Remington Standard 12 that was rescued from a Keychopper who had unfortunately already removed the keys. When I got this typewriter it was in a sad state completely frozen with rust and covered in badly flaking crinkle paint (it was probably rebuilt in the 40s). So I did what most people would never do to a typewriter, take it completely apart. Once it was apart I sent the frame out to be bead blasted and repainted. A few days ago I finally got the frame back from the paintshop. After about 5 hours of work it looked like this.


The keys that are on there are faux key charms from Jo-Ann crafts. They work well for replacement keys for keychopped typewriters. After finishing up the lower frame I moved on to the top deck.


After a few days worth of work the typewriter was at a state where it where I was ready to test it.


The result? It works to a extent as I had to push the carriage along as the drawband is not installed but I put some carbon paper in the machine (the ribbon vibrator is not working because all the typebars are installed yet) and I was greeted with a line of cent symbols on the page.  As you can see the left margin stop and the indicator are not installed. the reason for this is in the long period of time I had the typewriter disassembled in a box…well lets just say some parts have got up and walked away. If you have any Remington 12 parts machines please let me know.



Who Wants to build a Typewriter?

5 thoughts on “Who Wants to build a Typewriter?

  1. Tyler Anderson says:

    It’s always nice to see machines brought back from the pit of despair. You’ve done an outstanding job so far, and I’m sure it will look and work outstandingly by the end!

    Liked by 1 person

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